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Dahlgren Fine Art: Overview

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A giclee fine art print of an original oil painting by Leah Kristin Dahlgren is a quality investment in your art collection. The original oil paintings embody the painting techniques of the Old Masters. Their paintings may be considered to be in the realm of realism and naturalism. This genre of painting is also known as Representational Art.

Naturalism in art, as in literature, emphasizes scientific observation of life without idealization. Classical Realism is another description of the same style of painting that represents fidelity to nature or real life and to its accurate representation.

A giclee print of an orginal work by Leah Kristin Dahlgren is a beautiful addition to any fine art collection. She hopes to inspire both tranquility and an enlivened energy through her work and that its timeless value will be handed on well into the future.These prints for sale are numbered and signed by Leah Kristin Dahlgren. The total number of each of the prints is 350.

Giclee fine art prints are incredibly detailed prints for both fine art and photographic markets. Commonly found in museums, art galleries and photographic galleries, the quality of the giclee prints is rival to traditional-silver-halide and gelatin printing processes. Giclee prints offer richness, detail and depth that set them apart from traditional offset lithography.

Contact Information

Dahlgren Fine Art
P.O. Box 44
Temple, NH 03084

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