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Larry Siegel's Verbatim Projects- Musical Theatre

A Verbatim Project is a powerful way to recognize accomplishments and build social capital among people whose common interests depend upon meaningful connections and understanding. It gives organizations opportunities to relate in a spirit of acceptance, playfulness and creativity, while advancing the evolutionary work of living and working together in strong communities.

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Larry Siegel's Verbatim Projects- Musical Theatre: Additional Details

What's it like for the people who live in small-town America at the beginning of the twenty-first century? On this retrospective recording, you'll hear funny stories, sad stories, and visions of a life that might have been, and that might yet be, beautifully sung and played in a wide range of styles, by some of today's best traditional performers.


1. Hills of Nelson
2. Connections
3. Boccia's Storey / Sixty Years
4. Town Meeting / Cocktails and Dreams / Nothing to Do in this Town / Walmart / Let Bygones Be Bygones
5. I'll Fly Away / All Day Meeting / Old Mountain Woman
6. Kristen and Terry's Waltz / Police Log
7. Goldman's
8. Wilmot Flat / Milkweed / Milt Haley
9. There Was a Time
10. The Little I Earn
11. Father and Daughter
12. Sounds of the Mill
13. That's How It Is In Our Small Town
14. Steamer Jig / Felicitous Destinies / Liberation
15. In Those Days / All Go Forward and Back
16. Kristen and Terry's (reprise)

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