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Our Community Stores Frequently Asked Questions

Why Join?

The most compelling reason to join Our Community Stores is to advertise your products and services with the added potential to increase your sales revenue both online and offline. For more information, read our Why Join page.

Which Membership Option is better?

The best Membership Option for you may be different from that of another Merchant. Option B is the lower financial risk, since you pay a one-time membership fee and nothing else until you sell something. If your gross online sales volume reaches $4000 a year, Option A is the better financial choice. Merchants who are web hosting customers of Consensus Technology will received discounted or free Option A membership depending on their existing web hosting plan. Contact Consensus Technology if you would like to become a web hosting client.

What Does it Cost?

You pay as little as a one-time Membership Fee of $149.95 and nothing more until your product or service sells. There are two Membership Options with variable marketing fees based on your product category. There are no listing fees or limit to the products you may add.

What Can I Sell?

You can sell almost any new product or service that is legal and does not have an age restriction. Other items you can sell are antiques, collectibles, rare books and other rare and vintage items.

What is a Marketing Fee?

Marketing Fees are used to promote Our Community Stores so customers find your products and services. We will offer Raffle Drawings, engage in Search Engine Marketing and Optimization and offline advertising. We have years of experience in e-commerce and our goal is to spend your money wisely to bring visitors to the site.

Will My Products and Services Sell?

While we cannot guarantee your products will sell, we can bring virtual foot traffic to the store so shoppers can find them. We will do our part to keep the quality of the site high so customers want to return to find more items they can buy.

How Will You Maintain Quality?

We have set high standards for image and description quality and expect our Merchants will want to comply to improve the marketability of their products and services. Before Merchants in the store are approved, we check to be sure they're registering for the right community. After we review the images and description we will publish the products and services, or contact the Merchants so updates can be made. The final test is customer satisfaction. The product or service customers receive must live up to the expectations set by the images and description. In this way, we insure that visitors have positive experiences at Our Community Stores and will want to return.

What Will My Page Look Like?

Merchants will have five pages of their own. The Overview Page, below, includes the store name, photograph of the merchant, store or products, a description, contact information that you can tailor to your needs, and a logo, if you have one. Your Product Page will show visitors all the products in your store, with descriptions, options and price. You'll also have Shipping and Returns pages to detail your policies on each, and a Help page that repeats the chosen contact info. If you choose the email option here, a form will be provided for the customer. Your email address will never appear on the web site, which helps protect you from spam.

merchant overview page

How Will I be Notified of a Sale?

You will receive email notification of each sale. You will also be able to log in to the Merchant Center and see Reports on your sales and an accounting of disbursements.

How is Shipping Handled?

You will be responsible for shipping your products according to the timeframe you select when your list your products. Our Community Stores has developed a Standard Shipping Rate Schedule for all Merchants based on extensive research. You will have the opportunity to add to that rate on a product by product basis if shipping your product costs more based on individual factors such as weight, size or temperature requirements. You may also offer Free Shipping on a product by product basis. If a customer orders items from multiple Merchants, the customer will still pay the shipping based on the total of all items purchased. Merchants agree to Multiple-Merchant Shipping Rules when they join Our Community Stores and will receive a proportionate amount of the shipping charge based on the charge for their items in the order. This is one way to encourage shoppers to come to Our Community Stores for their purchases, thereby helping increase sales for all Merchants. You will be required to enter the date of shipment and tracking information to receive payment.

When and How Do I Get Paid?

You will receive direct deposits to your bank account every 15 days from the date you joined, when you have products that have sold and shipped within that 15 day period.

What are the Terms?

You can read the terms in the Merchant Agreement.

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