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Scope of Services and Merchant Deliverables

Our Community Stores Scope of Services & Merchant Deliverables

1. Our Community Stores shall provide the following service components: (a) e-commerce platform; (b) marketing, in print and online; (c) enforcement of membership standards established by Our Community Stores; (d) provision of help ticket protocol for Merchant; (e) designation of a new "Community" within Our Community Stores when enough variety in categories and products is achieved; (f) credit card transaction services as described in Fees & Payment Procedures.

2. Merchant shall, when applying for the establishment of a Merchant account:

(a) provide information as requested in the course of the registration process, including, without limitation, Merchant's contact, banking and marketing information; (b) agree to shipping rules that have been established by Our Community Stores; c) agree that membership is contingent upon validation of legitimate business status and location for inclusion in the appropriate community. Methods that may be considered for validation include: registration with a state government; membership in professional or trade organizations such as a Chamber of Commerce, League of Craftsmen; or notarized verification by one of the following: practicing attorney, CPA or bank manager.

3. Merchant agrees to use Our Community Stores Shipping Rates and may add additional shipping charges on an item-by-item basis to cover the expense of shipping non-standard items (e.g., bulky or heavy items, or food items requiring chill packs, or other non-standard shipping or handling requirements). Merchant may add further descriptive information about Merchant's shipping practices, as appropriate in the Merchant Profile, for customers' review.

4. Merchant shall list products in compliance with applicable laws, while adhering to site standards as determined by Site.

5. Merchant shall be solely responsible for complying with all laws of jurisdictions to which purchases are shipped.

6. Merchant shall not display on site, or cause to be displayed on site, any age-restricted items, including without limitation: (a) controlled substances of any schedule; (b) alcohol; (c) tobacco products; (d) firearms; (e) ammunition; (f) pornographic materials. Other items currently not allowed are used items except for collectibles, antiques, rare books and other rare and vintage items.

7.Our Community Stores may at its discretion reject products for reasons of inappropriateness unrelated to provisions of #6.

8. Merchant shall be solely responsible for adhering to federal postal restrictions and requirements.

9. Merchant agrees that all products/services submitted to Site shall be subject to approval by Site prior to display and sale. Merchant further agrees that Our Community Stores has editorial, form and content prerogative over all Site content including text provided by Merchants. Review of Products and Services will occur within 1 business day of submission. Among the factors considered for Product and Service listings are: image quality, description quality and product marketability to uphold the standards of the Site for all Merchants and consumers. If the quality standard is not met, Merchants will have the opportunity to update their listing to meet quality standards. Merchant shall: (a) update inventory if/as applicable; (b) change availability information if lead-time to ship changes; (c) designate as not-orderable products or services that are no longer available to ship.

10. When a product/service order is received, the Merchant shall: (a) determine whether product is available to ship; (b) log in to Site Merchant interface, select the relevant order, and indicate that the order is ready to ship; (c) ship the product within the lead time provided on the product page; (d) if order cannot be fulfilled, provide through the Merchant interface an estimated revised lead time, suggest an alternate product, or cancel and refund the order. This information will be emailed automatically to the customer, and Merchant will be able to review this communication when logged in to the Merchant Center.

11. Merchant shall abide by agreements to: (a) refund full or partial orders though the Site's Merchant interface when there is a reason to do so; (b) pay monthly membership fees if signed up for monthly membership; (c) not market directly via email, mail or phone to customers obtained through Our Community Stores; (d) sell products at the lowest price offered elsewhere by Merchant; (e) abide by Merchant's own published returns policy; (f) notify Our Community Stores of any changes in location of Merchant's place of business; (g) determine the legality of sales of certain items to customers in specific jurisdictions; and (h) adhere to all private and governmental shipping rules & regulations.

12. Merchant's store shall be listed in the community where the business is located as designated by Our Community Stores, and changed to a new community if Merchant's place of business moves to a new community.

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