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South African Wedding Basket

Traditional South African wedding proposal beer basket with lid, made by Ukhamba weaver. Fine checker-work bottom with continuous water grass (Imizi) coil foundation wrapped with Ilala palm in figure eight stitch. All organically derived dyes. Weaver: Cebesile Mishali. This basket is a Fair Trade item.

Merchant: Joseph's Coat
Usually ships out in 2-3 business days
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South African Wedding Basket: Additional Details

This is a marriage proposal from the woman to the man. A pragmatic list of what will be the minimum acceptable wealth to bring to the union. Each tooth of the jagged pattern represents a head of cattle. The basket is sent to the man, if it comes back filled with beer, the proposal has been accepted. This basket was woven by Cebesile Mishali, a master weaver. She learned from her sisters and has been weaving for 16 years.

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