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Why Join Our Community Stores

Advertising Online - A Great Investment

How many people in your region have never entered your store because you don't have the resources to let them know you're out there? Or are you an artisan who spends so much time marketing your one-of-a-kind fine crafts to retail outlets and craft fairs you barely have time to create anything new? For as little as $149.95, your customers can see what you have to offer, buy it on the spot, or decide to stop in your bricks-and-mortar store or the stores that sell your product.

Are You Missing the E-commerce Boat?

Within the retail industry, e-commerce sales have been growing steadily, recently at a faster pace than offline sales. If you're not out there when local shoppers shop online, they have to spend their dollars elsewhere, and you miss the e-commerce boat.

Our parent company, Consensus Technology, has been working with small businesses for over 5 years and realizes the challenge you face in entering this market without disrupting your existing business model. Consensus Technology created OurCommunityStores.com to help you capture these lost dollars. The beauty of Our Community Stores is that the site allows you to have your own Merchant pages and become part of an e-commerce venture without having to understand complicated programming or own your own web site.

We think we've made it pretty simple: Fill a form with your product info and load your photos just like you'd attach a file to an e-mail. We've designed comprehensive, easy-to-understand instructions right into each field you need to fill out, just in case. Any problems? We're here for you with an online help system and a toll-free phone number. As you can tell, customer service is a very important component of Our Community Stores, and we'll provide Merchant training, discounts and other incentives to help you join our venture even if you think you're not the most techno-savvy merchant on earth.

Shop Locally, Think Globally

Our Community Stores allows consumers to shop online from local and regional stores and service providers, and helps communities keep dollars in their region to boost economic development.

The architecture of the site is designed on a drill-down concept: National, Regional, State, Regions within a State, and Cities or Towns. The first "communities" on the site will be the "United States," "New Hampshire" and "Monadnock Region." New communities will be added as enough Merchants, products and services are available in an area to make a discrete "community."

In the interim, Merchants can join a broader community store. For instance, a Merchant from Peterborough, New Hampshire, would join the Monadnock Region community, until there were enough members from Peterborough to make a "Peterborough" community. Their products would then appear in Peterborough, Monadnock Region, New Hampshire and U.S. searches.

In the same way, a Merchant from Franconia would join the "New Hampshire" community, and products would appear in the New Hampshire and U.S. communities, but would not appear in the Monadnock Region or Peterborough communities. When enough Merchants joined Our Community Stores from that region, something such as "White Mountains Region, NH" would be added to our list of communities, and when enough had joined from Franconia proper, a "Franconia" community. And on and on, until everyone on the planet can shop "locally" at their "community store."

Keep in Touch with Those Far Away

Do you operate in a summer community or a destination spot that tourists visit frequently? Do they call you in the dead of winter wanting that special something - or do you just wish they did? With Our Community Stores, you can reach out to your seasonal customers for year-round business, with little effort on your part, or theirs.

Forget About Web Site Marketing

The sad truth is that even if you've invested in an e-commerce web site of your own, at this point Google may not even find your site for nine months, and even then your optimization efforts may not have been as effective as you had hoped. Can you afford to hire an outside marketing firm to help you get noticed? If not, you've invested quite a bit, without a meaningful return on your investment.

Here at Our Community Stores, we understand web marketing, and we'll be investing in both online and offline advertising to benefit the site in general, which in turn benefits all of our Merchants. That's what your marketing fee is for. You choose to pay a one-time membership fee of $149.95 or a monthly membership fee of $34.95 and a variable marketing fee based on your plan and then reap the benefits of savvy web marketers. Go to Merchant Frequently Asked Questions for a more complete description of our services.

We've also designed Our Community Stores to be easiliy navigable and searchable so customers can find and buy your products easily. If a visitor searches by zip code or town name, they'll be directed to the closest community. If they search by product type or name, they'll go to the appropriate category, and if they search by your name, they'll go straight to your store.

And, if you fill out our survey, you'll get a membership discount of $75 to put toward either your one-time membership fee or the monthly fee (that's 2+ months free!).

Why Pay, and Pay, and Pay If You Don't Know You'll Sell, Sell, Sell?

There's a lot of costs associated with running an e-commerce web site, never mind that at every juncture of a sale, someone's got their hand out. Credit card companies, payment gateways, and the server provider all take a chunk, until you're left with a much smaller piece of the pie. And who can even read those statements?

At Our Community Stores, it's pretty easy to understand: No listing fees, no closing fees. You pay your membership fee, then a marketing fee when you make a sale. That's it. Just choose the option that's right for you. And, you can change Membership Options when it makes sense for your business.

Merchant Membership Options and Marketing Fees

Merchant Membership Options

Option A

Option B

Monthly Membership Fee $34.95 None
One-Time Membership Fee none $149.95

Marketing Fees:

Consumer Electronics
10% 20%
Gift Certificates and
Everything Else
15% 25%
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Your Success is Our Success

Our mission is to collaborate with people to help them identify and communicate their unique business qualities to the community. We partner with communities to bring their business and culture to the world.

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